Nikrom Mebel is now OFFISPHERA


On 20th February 2017 a new trade name was entered in the Trade Register for Nikrom Mebel AD, which is written in Latin script as OFFISPHERA.

Nikrom Mebel was incorporated in Sofia in 1997. During those 20 years of active work on the Bulgarian market we have been instrumental in executing tens of thousands of small-size and big-size projects in the private and public sectors, mostly in the area of public spaces. We are proud to have contributed to modernizing business environment and of many remarkable achievements appreciated by our clients. We have won the trust of many partners, our suppliers, who contributed to implementing our projects. Our experience has made us positive that we should continue in the same direction, with a clearer focus on projects involving working conditions, relaxation and entertainment in public spaces, as well as an emphasis on office environment. In order to mark this shift in focus and facilitate our identification on the market we continue as a rebranded company with the trade name OFFISPHERA.

The name that we will be using in our official and business correspondence after the trade name change was entered in the Trade Register on 20.02.2017 is „ОФИСФЕРА” АД /Offisphera AD. As it is only the trade name that has been changed the company remains the same legal entity with an unchanged identification number (EIK) , the same domicile and showrooms’ addresses, the same Executive Board and the same owners. Therefore, no change in the documents signed so far or correspondence exchanged on behalf of Nikrom Mebel AD and our partners and clients is necessary. Our undertakings under the name of Nikrom Mebel AD, as well as any titles or empowerments whatsoever, continue to exist and will be performed under the name of OFFISPHERA AD.

You can contact us using the same office and cell phones as the ones you have been using for 20 years.

The same applies to our electronic addresses which end in In our electronic replies we will use the new address end:, which is linked to our activated new site

Under our new corporate brand OFFISPHERA we have set out to offer the most cutting-edge and effective solutions for office environment organization while maintaining and developing our long-standing traditions of doing business as reliable and loyal partners.

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