Office furniture for lease

In case of a start-up, or when expanding your existing business or penetrating the Bulgarian market for the first time your business plan is bound to include certain key activities involving recruitment of employees, choosing and leasing office space, as well as purchasing  suitable furniture for this space. In some cases the purchase of office furniture is not the most suitable financial solution for a company. Investing in long-term assets is likely to siphon off considerable resources which may be used for rapid development and expansion of you core business generating your profit. A way out is to lease office furniture because in this fashion you do not freeze a portion of your capital but rather channel it into your core business. Also, if you have to relocate, cut down or wind up some of your operations you do not need to take into consideration the premises or the furniture on lease.

In addition to financial benefits leasing office furniture generates the most valuable resource, i.e. time. Every tangible asset one uses requires maintenance in order to safeguard its functional operation whereas if you lease office furniture its maintenance becomes our concern. Your sole commitment worry is to make use of it.

Leasing office furniture is a new service which is not yet well known on the Bulgarian market currently dominated by office furniture and office chairs purchase practices. As a rule, most companies, which offer and run office spaces, are not committed to offering office furniture because they are unwilling to switch the focus of their business to the use and maintenance of such mobile tangible assets as office desks, cabinets and chairs. So if you are on the look-out for a furniture lease solution you may always ask us to prepare a customized offer which would meet your specific requirements.

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