We at OFFISPHERA AD believe that quality should be a guiding principle in the work of each organization. That is why we strive to meet the highest requirements in managing the processes involved in offering quality solutions for the furnishing of office and public spaces.

As a tool for achieving and maintaining quality, the company operates in compliance with the latest requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

For the successful implementation of ISO 9001: 2015 in the company were imposed the established principles requiring:

  • participation of all management personnel in defining objectives, guidelines and tasks for improving the quality of services;
  • engaging staff and exploiting their potential to deliver the policy and goals of providing high quality services;
  • identifying and implementing all processes necessary for the quality management system, their sequence and interconnections, applying a systemic approach to their management;
  • compliance with all applicable regulatory, contractual and other requirements we have accepted;
  • application of objective information gathering and analysis of process efficiency data and customer satisfaction with a view to making continuous improvements

As a result, on 2 May 2017, OFFISPHERA AD was certified by the global leader in certification services Bureau Veritas.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 issued by Bureau Veritas to OFFISPHERA AD in Bulgarian you can find HERE.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 issued by Bureau Veritas to OFFISPHERA AD in English you can find HERE.