Our vision

Our mission

We understand your needs and we offer excellent solutions which create an inspiring office environment for creative and effective work for you and your employees.

What is of value for us?

We are a team of curious professionals and we continue to learn and develop in order to locate the most suitable solutions for every client which would guarantee all-round creative potential for the staff of the offices we helped to set up.

Our approach to every client and partner is honest and open. Our constant aim is to create and develop mutual trust and respect;

Our traditions are based on top quality, durability and up-to-date performance of our products and services in the work environment;

Why should you choose us?

We support your efforts intended to create working space for your employees and targeting continuous achievements of your team. We will help boost your team’s performance, enhance communication, training and relaxation in a modern office .

How do we achieve these objectives?

Expertise and specialization

The solutions for work spaces we offer are based on our team’s professional expertise and over 20 years of experience in furnishing thousands of offices.

Partnership in searching for solutions for your office space

This includes joint work with you or your architect during the concept plan phase for your working space which ranges from detailed development of the vision, types of furniture and its manufacturer to project budgeting in compliance with your plans as well as project implementation of your project. The latter includes a complete package of services – delivery, assembly, positioning of the furniture, warranty and after-guarantee maintenance.

Loyalty and fairness

We strictly abide by all our agreements in terms of quality, quantity and all the deadlines. To monitor the progress you may always refer to a consultant who has been assigned the supervision of your project implementation. Our support and maintenance of the furniture will go on for many years after the contract has been executed.

We care about your investment  

It is not a secret that good quality costs money, sometimes a lot of it. However, this does not apply to our products and services. The price advantages which we have been granted by our partners of long standing, the leading manufacturers of office furniture and chairs in Bulgaria and Europe, enable us to put together very favourable offers for you.  We never compromise on durability and quality.

One Stop Shop 

We present our solutions for complete furnishing of office and public spaces. They include furniture delivery for all zones – visitor welcome zones, individual and teamwork zones, zones for socializing and rest, zones for meetings and training, and those for administrative services.

Customized solutions

OFFISPHERA is part of a group which includes two leading manufacturers of furniture in Bulgaria: the Bulgarian-Italian joint venture MIM Bulgaria AD with its over 20 years of leadership on the office furniture market and Unised OOD, the only producer of office chairs in Bulgaria. Our close links with manufacturers allow us to create tailor-made solutions for your corporate image or specific requirements in work processes. The customized solutions may be achieved with regard to colours, shapes, ergonomics and functionality.

Rich variety of furniture

OFFISPHERA has a long-standing tradition of partnership with leading Bulgarian manufacturers of metal products, soft furniture and lighting fixtures. In cases when the solutions offered by Bulgarian manufacturers fail to provide the required effect we offer furniture and chairs manufactured by Italian and German producers of world renown whose representatives in Bulgaria we are.