The Sedus Brainstorm single table offers a number of fantastic possibilities for workshops or brainstorming sessions.  Because of their wheels the tables are freely moveable and may be positioned to fit the needs of the available space and the purpose of the event.

As every process needs movement which is required not only for your health but in order to generate new ideas, the worktop may be adjusted in the height range between 73 to 105 cm.

The size of the tabletop   and the overall design, which ensures sufficient legroom, provide great convenience. When not in use the tables may be aligned in a compact way to free more space.

The series allows a solution for an instructor or a moderator with its 105cm in height and a front panel which may be designed in 12 attractive colours. And since for such events multimedia is a must the Brainstorm desk is furnished with a supply box and a discreet outlet for cables.

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