Clear Whiteboard Paint Escreo

With ESCREO clear paint as well as the whiteboard paint you can turn any surface into a writing space. Whether the base is orange, red or blue, the transparent paint gives you the freedom to express your creativity anywhere. You can paint the walls, columns, doors or directly on the desk top, without worrying that the writing space will disturb the vision of the interior. Escreo offers a convenient alternative to standard flipcharts, which take up unnecessary space, and each written sheet becomes waste.

Created entirely according to the latest trends in paint production, Escreo is completely harmless and environmentally friendly. The water-based formula with extremely low content of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) makes Escreo a good choice for work spaces as well as for children's rooms, schools and hospitals.

You can paint on: Wood, Metal, Walls, Glass, Latex, Fiber. Apply on doors, desks, columns, countertops, cabinets and more. Use a primer in case you do not apply the paint on latex other than interior.

Ordinary whiteboard accessories can be used on Escreo paints, but to extend the life of surfaces, Escreo offers markers and cleaning products that provide the highest quality care for paints and coatings. In addition, there is a stand for accessories, which collects everything you need for writing and maintenance of the surface.

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