Metra meeting

Solution for Every Meeting Area

Table. This is the basic constructive element in Metra series module system. A clean and elegant line, a simple look. It is stylistically adaptable to every modern office décor, functionally adaptable to all areas in the office – work space, meetings area and the training room.

This basic element is complemented with individual modules reconfigurable in space according to current needs, or as stationary common compositions with different widths, whereas their lengths are limited only to the available space and the number of participants.

A modern model for meetings within the organisation must be interactive. No matter whether we are talking about videoconferencing, presentations or progress reports no meetings can take place without the use of technology

Metra looks after connecting the technology through in-built modules which ensure an easy access to network and power  supply as well as USB connections. Specialized accessories are intended to manage and conceal all cables.

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