This is a space-saver

The Fly office chair is an excellent solution for your multifunctional premises. A broad seat and an ergonomic back have been designed to provide comfort during long meetings or training sessions.

You may choose an option without armrests if your space is limited, or with armrests - for greater comfort.

The folding seat allows placing chairs close to one another when they are not in use to save office space, or they can be stacked vertically – one on top of the other for an even greater compactness.

For workshops or presentations the Fly set may be arranged in rows. To secure an attractive look of the room the adjacent chairs are connected with elegant braces

A small writing desk may be added for greater efficiency during training sessions or business meetings. This desk has an anti-shock function, which means that in conformity with the European regulations it will go up automatically should a sitting person stand up suddenly.

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