Multifunctional, practical, diverse

The Xilla conference chair impresses with its pure geometric design and symmetry.

The clever construction of these chairs takes into account everything you are likely to need. The seat may be fixed or folding and its shape allows placing chairs horizontally or stacked vertically.

Standard armrests may be adjusted to the chair, and an additional cushion may be supplied for the back. 

We also offer a portable version of the chair with 4 casters for easy movement in the office.

The accessories which make Xilla conference chairs a universal solution for training areas are especially to be noted.

A folding table of a convenient size has an in-built anti-shock function.

We also offer connecting brackets which enable attaching chairs in rows in conference rooms.   

For your convenience every chair may have a number.

A practical basket, which may be attached under the seat of the chair, is convenient for bags or office materials.