Temptation Twin

A modern office needs to optimize the available space and at the same time to increase the employees’ comfort – nearly a Mission impossible. That is unless you meet Temptation Twin – height adjustable desks with aligned bench system. The system has got it all covered because of the two workstations which not only encourage working in a team but also enable adequate room for concentration and isolation .

Temptation Twin is a series which is able to adapt to the needs and routines of most employees which makes it a suitable solution for the complete furnishing of the office. The system allows 3 options of a lift device: telescopically adjusted from 65 to 85 cm when the desk does not need a frequent change of height; lever-adjusted from 65 to 85 cm to facilitate correct seating height easily, and electrically powered adjustment with the range of 65 to 125 cm.

As desks will move independent of each other every employee can select his or her own individual settings. The personal space and concentration are guaranteed by sound-proof partitions which separate work stations without interfering with the employees’ communication.

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