Kavnas is a series of chairs with a simple but modern look. Its elegant design and shiny varnish are inspired by the beauty of neoclassic sculptures. It is designed with an attractive curved back and is easily adjustable. This flexibility allows change of movement with the body weight of the user to ensure their comfort even for continuous periods of time.

The compact dimensions of Kanvas make it ideal for spaces with great density, such as training rooms, conference rooms, syndicated rooms, educational and medical facilities. A fresh modern profile is attractive for rest zones and attractive for restaurants.  The complete or partial upholstery, which covers the front part of the chair or upholsters an entire chair, allow countless combinations.

The Kanvas family is complemented by a bar stool with the construction of a closed type which allows sitting high solution. The techno-polymer base of the version like all the chairs of the series, are suitable and easy to use both outdoors and indoors.

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