With a vast range of functions

As part of a very big Kind family every version of the visitor’s chair has a clear-cut functional role and an important place in office decor. An upholstered backrest to attract the attention of those who love comfort.  A breathing mesh as a draw for the young and the active. With a black frame on the back to provide accent or contrast, or in white - to set off other décor items.

A 4-leg base  providing a stable support for the team makes it a classic solution preferred by most. Suitable for a conference room or for visitors in the reception area.

An elegant 4-point base. For all those who care about  image. And for those who are active. In heated discussions we often have to face a colleague close to us. The chair will help us as it turns around together with us and thus supports our body.  In addition, it is height-adjustable.