Refined and representative

The elegant curve of the backrest is underlined by an ornamental element in black or white while the visible upholstery of the back provides vast opportunities for colour combinations as it turns Class into an attractive accent for the décor.

Class gives solutions for every level and every zone of the company.

For the manager a suitable solution is a high backrest with an integrated head rest, You may favour the style of the functional version, with armrests adjustable on three planes? or choose upholstered armrests which are a current favourite.

Comfort and cosiness are guaranteed for all chairs of the Class family because of the multifunctional devices which allow adaptation of every element of the chair to one’s specific body structure.

Part of the Class series are conference chairs offered in 2 versions - a cosy bounce-back structure with armrests?? пружинираща конструкция с подлакътници  with soft polyurethane pads. Or an elegant version with 4 chrome-plated legs and fine armrests in of the same material.

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