Versatile and functional

In a multi-faceted Kind family you will find a chair for every taste and for every zone of the office: an upholstered backrest and headrest for the executive chair, meshed chairs or a classical polypropylene backrest for employees’ chairs, solutions for conference rooms and for training areas.

The backrest is higher than expected. It is designed with an accent on ergonomics and comfort. A metal frame plated with high density molded polyurethane foam provides a stable support for the spine in any position.

The headrest should be one of the most desirable accessories for modern office chairs. It helps the body relax and release the pressure in the area of shoulders and neck. You may choose between a stationary headrest, with a visual effect of a longer backrest, a headrest tilted forward in an ergonomic position or one with an adjustable height.

The seat depth may be adjusted with a built-in button located on the right hand side. The seat has a regular oval edge with does not allow squeezing the hips and worsening blood circulation of the limbs.  

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