In ancient Greece symposium was a social gathering of aristocrats who had the privilege of discussing the values which make a really noble person. In line with this concept, Newform Ufficio has designed an executive office furniture series Simposio. With its in-built elegance this series creates a working environment which facilitates self-expression. Simposio allows a range of executive office interpretations without sacrificing representative features of the environment.  The choice applies to the entire furniture range of the series - from individual office desks to conference room cabinets.

The elegant table tops made from annealed laminated glass may be combined with all types of finish. The wooden cabinets and drawers of Simposio module offered in a variety of shapes and colours complement the collection as they represent the solutions for each workstation from the most elegant to the most functional ones.

The attractive features of Simposio series furniture items are emphasized by different types of wood. The tabletops, desks and cabinets may be designed in walnut, cherry or wenge.

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