Soho is an acoustic phone booth with modern design, fresh colors and competitive price, offering an affordable solution when you need concentration and privacy in open offices. The interior of the cabin is absorbing the noise while you talk, and is also created with nature in mind - the panels are made of 100% recycled polyester and contains over 800 recycled bottles.

This cabin has an excellent noise proofness and decreases sound by 31  decibels or  44%. Its interior is upholstered in special acoustic felt which is not only  soundproof but gives an extraordinary sensation of comfort.

In addition to the automatic lighting and ventilation which is obligatory for this type of cabins, attention is also paid to the connectivity - 2 USB ports, a socket, as well as a wireless phone charger are built into the cabin top.

In order to combine with the corporate vision and the interior of the company office, the exterior of the cabin can be in a color of your choice from the RAL scale. A stylish oak wood decor also could be chosen for the body color.

Soho Workstation is a deeper option of Soho phone booth .

It boasts the same fresh design but it is deeper by 280 mm which makes it suitable for a longer stay and greater work comfort  as it allows free positioning of the office chair..

 A wider work top makes the space even more functional. An addition of a built-in monitor option allows for a transformation of  Soho Workstation into a highly comfortable solution for an acoustic phone booth.

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