For visitors, conference rooms or training rooms

The compact, ethereal, elegant, simple-line conference chair Swift is suitable for any space and any décor. The comfortable curve of the back tempts visitors to settle down and talk. The practical frame of the backrest helps to change positions easily. When it is not needed it may be vertically stacked to make more room on the premises.

No matter what structure you have chosen, the very process of sitting becomes a comfortable experience. With cantilever version comfort is reinforced by the bounce-back effect. The classical structure with 4 legs creates a feeling of stability. A 4-star swivel base is suitable for representative areas. To make things even easier we may mount a mechanism for returning the seat in the default position to guarantee order and tidiness in the conference room at any time or during frequent use.  

As a fully-functional working chair Swift is offered on casters with  a synchronous mechanism. Suitable and excellent for use in any part of the office – by the desks, in a conference room, a training room or at home. Comfort guarantee everywhere.