Taylord was born where classic design met ergonomics and functionality.  It is a chair which imbues space with a sense of style and elegance. Perfect seams. High quality fabrics and first class workmanship make Taylord a masterpiece of sewing skill.

The Taylord range comes in 3 different versions of back - upholstered with leather –  classic Squared with seams, traditional Quilted with "capitonnè a bottone" pattern and smoothly upholstered Flat with "cuoio" leather.  Taylord is offered both with a base on wheels or stationary legs. As a combination with leg support if becomes a suitable offer for furnishing a quiet nook.

Taylord also comes with a mesh back which emphasizes the sense of lightness and coolness when you are seated. This version gives the series a modern touch and an ethereal  feeling.

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