to the website of OFFISPHERA - the new Nikrom Mebel brand.

OFFISPHERA is a result of 20 years of experience in the field of office furniture and expression of our ambition to build our offer with new solutions in accordance with the changing office culture.

Your Office is our Focus

The office is the place where we spend a significant part of the day. Here we invent and create. Here we communicate. With the understanding of the contemporary importance of the office as a living and working space, we are focused on building an attractive and inspiring office environment and we strive to provide our customers solutions which meet the specific needs of every organization.

Solutions for your office
Office chairs matter

A chair is not just for some kind of stability while we are working but it is necessary to provide the freedom of movement when we are seated because a human body is not made for a fixed posture for hours on end. This is why the choice of an ergonomic chair is extremely important for one’s comfort and productivity during work hours.

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Third space

In a modern office space the traditional context of relaxation zones no longer applies. With a changing dynamics of the work environment these zones take on an increasing importance as they turn into a preferred place for business discussions and for boosting concentration.

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Our experience going back 20 years accounts for thousands of executed office furniture projects and public spaces in the country and abroad.

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