One Stop Shop for the Office

A good organization of the work environment is pivotal for an effectively functioning office. Our point of departure in this process is an optimum use of the office space based on the number of employees, their interaction in the work process and the corporate culture. Our objective is creating an attractive environment which provides an incentive for the staff.

Office planning

We always start with needs analysis and discussion. The next step is conceptualizing the space which includes isolating the functional zones, as well as furniture selection and arrangement. Finally we put together a two-dimensional concept project idea and its realistic tri-dimensional visualization.

Design and ergonomics

An office should be functional. This key requirement is complemented by our skillful use of aesthetics and ergonomics. In this way, due to the use of certain elements and techniques we create a new environment which guarantees the employees’ good health and comfort.  Our consultants will help you to choose ergonomic products and offer interior design solutions which match your corporate culture. If you already have a design made by your architect we will comply with it to a T. If you do not have such a design we will help you to bring your dream of a cult office to life with the help of a top interior designer.


Our product range includes a variety of standardized solutions designed in accordance with the requirements of a modern office environment. In addition, we offer customized furniture and furniture components which give uniqueness to your office as we can adapt body furniture, soft furniture as well as office chairs to meet the requirements of your employees.

Delivery and assembly of furniture

It is our obligation to deliver, assemble and place the furniture in accordance with the approved plan. Our logistics division responsible for the execution of the project within the time specified by you is in charge of coordinating every activity and operation involving the delivery.  In case of emergency situations when your own plans and commitments do not meet the technological deadlines we are able to provide furniture substitutes in order to secure the normal running of the office.