Product Solutions for the Office

Executive office furniture

We offer a series of luxury office furniture when looking for an elegant solution for the director's and representative offices. The series offers a complete program of furniture created with a focus on design. The series include desks, document cabinets and containers, subject to a unified vision in which to sustain the overall furniture of the office.

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Workspace furniture

We have a wide selection of functional furniture for places where people work actively, whether it is an open office, call center or traditional offices. Furniture for this type of space implies the ability to customize and create different configurations according to the available space. Therefore, the offered office desks, workstations, archive and service cabinets, and containers can be made in different sizes, colors and configurations.

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Furniture for meeting and conference halls

Here you can find boardroom solutions, offering a variety of conference tables of different sizes, shapes and price levels to meet each company's requirements for the meeting space in the office. We also offer high tables for creating places for quick informal meetings in the office, as well as mobile tables with folding tops, which allow the fast and easy transformation of the conference hall into a training and training hall.

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Office receptions

The reception in the office is the face of your business, so it is important that it makes the right impression. On our site there are presented several stylish ready-made solutions for office receptions from leading European manufacturers. For the cases when you need a reception for the office with a non-standard shape, size and decor or you have a clear concept of how you want the reception to look like, we can make a reception for you according to a project, with the budget you have in mind.

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Ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs are essential for the comfort of office workers and the creation of healthy working conditions. The most of the office chairs we offer have many ergonomic options, which we strive to present as fully as possible on our website. These include the presence of a synchronous mechanism that takes care of the synchronous movement of the seat and backrest when leaning back. In addition, almost all chairs have a chair lock in several reclining positions when leaning back, most often 4 or 5. All chairs have a wide selection of high quality fabrics and colors in which they can be upholstered, and components provided by European manufacturers.

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Executive chairs

The executive chairs we offer pay special attention to the exceptional design and luxury, to which they subordinate the function, in order to create the feeling of style and uniqueness in the office.

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Conference and visitor chairs

Along with meeting tables, of course, we also offer conference and visitor chairs, which provide comfort during formal meetings and discussions, which are sometimes quite lengthy. As with work chairs, visitor chairs also have a wide selection of upholstery fabrics, as well as a variety of bases that give the chairs their specific character.

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Soft seating

In modern offices the soft seating furniture has an increasing role in the organization of space - in recreation areas, rest rooms, in the areas for informal meetings or in close proximity to workplaces. Increasingly, comfortable upholstered armchairs are preferred for the conference room or for customer service offices.

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Contract furniture for canteens and HoReCa

Part of our product range are quality multifunctional furniture - tables and chairs designed for interior and exterior use in dining areas, bars, relax zones and balconies in the office, and are also suitable for furniture of restaurants and cafeterias.

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Acoustic panels

The concept of open office encouraged the communication, but allowed noise to spread freely, making it difficult to concentrate. That's why the open office is unthinkable without acoustic solutions for isolation from ambient noise and limiting the spread of noise. Such a solution are the acoustic panels, which can be in various shapes and sizes and can be placed on the desks between the different workplaces, free standing between the different areas in the office or even hanging from the ceiling.

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Monitor Arms and CPU Holders

Ergonomics in the workplace do not depend only on the furniture in the office. The position of the computer and the peripherals and our interaction with them are also very important for the convenience of work. The monitor arms are a really practical accessory that provides the best working position of the screen in relation to the body and at the same time frees up valuable space on the desktop.

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Whiteboard Paints

Whiteboard paints give the freedom to express our ideas without restrictions. You can turn various surfaces like wood, metal, concrete, glass and latex into a writing area and save space from the inconvenient flipcharts, where each written sheet turns into waste.

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