Mitesco is a series of rectangular acoustic panels produced with the help of Snowsound technology. Because of their regular shape and the multiple ways of installation they may discreetly improve the acoustic characteristics of the premises, or stand out as they entirely change the surrounding environment should such an effect be necessary.

The Mitesco panels may be fixed directly on the walls or the ceiling where they will absorb the noise. Besides, they may be mounted on steel cords when their function is to add an even greater importance in the interior design as they serve to separate the open spaces.

When we need easily moveable noise-absorbent partitions the panels may bemounted on metal supports. Depending on the needed size several panels are easily stackeable - one under another. A wheeled device may be used for ease of moving. 

The Mitesco acoustic panels may also be used as partition screens for thedesks. In order to optimize their acoustic performance in the work environmentthe acoustic panels may also be mounted on the back of the partition cabinetsin an office.

The Snowsound Technology

The acoustic effect underlying the Snowsound technology is based on the use of panels built from materials with a different density which aims to achieve the absorption of sounds with different frequency. The absence of frames and seams and the specific characteristics of the materials used make the panels designed with the use of Snowsound technology extremely light, thin and attractive-looking.

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