Ollin continues with the Colebrooks Bosson Saunders tradition and wins for the company a reddot design award for 2017. With its innovative technology Ollin provides support for monitors, laptops and even tablets in the weight range between 0 and 9 kg. This allows an even more intuitive and pleasant interacting with touch screen devices.

With its smoothness of articulation and trouble-free movements,  Ollin guarantees an incredible range of screen control  for the users which requires minimum effort. This enables the users to change their posture dynamically throughout the entire day, and match the change to the screen movement for its optimum position.

Ollin gives an elegant solution even when the work is done on 2 monitors. In this case, a horizontal bar is mounted on the arm allowing the two monitors to be easily aligned to the eye level and the workspace to be optimally used.


Technical specifications
Minimum monitor weight
0 kg
Maximum monitor weight
9 kg
Horizontal reach
674 mm
Vertical adjustment
367 mm
Worktop thickness
0 - 65 mm
Installation of 2 monitors

VESA Standard
VESA 75 / VESA 100
Colour options
Black / White / Grey
Suitable for
Monitors / Laptops / Tablets
12 years
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