A challenge to imagination

Flap is a system of acoustic panels designed with the help of  Snowsound technology which also has a pronounced aesthetic  role in an office. The system is based on the noise-absorbing panel of irregular rectangular shape which is fixed on the wall. Flap allows the creation of interesting combinations and serves as a way to change the formality of the work environment.

The attractive Flap panels may absorb noise when they are mounted on chrome supports and scattered around in space.  In this way they create a pleasant visual analogy with trees as the fresh colours relieve the monotony of the atmosphere.

The system of panels is complemented by a V-flap – a specially designed installation solution on an overhead frame hanging from the ceiling. The addition of another panel, a mirror image of the first one, allows the V-flap to create a visual effect similar to  stylized wings of a bird or a butterfly. In all cases it represents a challenge to imagination and arouses customers’ interest.

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