For the active in the office.

Without doubt, lack of movement is the cause of many modern diseases. We cannot change the computer work practices which require sitting in the same place for hours on end but we can help our body by using the furniture which stimulates movement. Norma is a new generation of desks which allows work both in a seated and in an upright posture

Norma is an ergonomic office desk with universal application in individual offices, open spaces or as a table for spontaneous and team meetings.

The desktop is adjustable for height by an electrically driven device built into the metal structure legs, which is controlled from the switchboard attached to the desk top. The minimum height of the desk work top is  640 mm, and the maximum achievable height is 1290 mm. This range of heights covers all human height ranges whether used in a sitting position or in an upright position. The carrying capacity of the desktop is 80 kg.

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