Temptation C

Temptation C by Sedus revolutionizes height-adjustable furniture. There are many intelligent solutions at the heart of its simple design which aim to facilitate employees’ work and simultaneously contribute to their physical and mental fitness.

Temptation C desks are offered in 5 variants of uplift device – a telescopic desk adjustable from 62 to 85 cm which provides non-standard height for routine work, an adjustable desk in the same range but with a lever for easier adjustment; an electrically driven device powered in two versions – from 72 to 120 cm and an extended scope of 65 to 125 cm, with an ability to memorise the preferred heights, and last but not least – a motorized lift desk owing to an innovative uplift device with a shock absorber developed by Sedus.

Without doubt, it is the version with height-adjustable mechanical uplift that deserves special attention. It covers the heights between 72 and 118 cm and does not need electricity or additional power supply. You can adjust the desired height easily and speedily. No effort will be needed to change your working position seamlessly and smoothly from sitting to upright  and back.

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